Certificate Verification

This service can be used free of charge to verify qualifications awarded by Axiom College students

To search for a record please complete all the fields below. It is a good idea to check certain details beforehand, especially specific punctuation in the person surname, and the exact award.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the results provided may not be exhaustive, for example: If your search is not successful and you require Axiom College to undertake a manual search of its register of awards, please contact Axiom College. Axiom College will undertake a manual search of awards free of charge as long as you provide all the essential information, including:

Certificate ID;

Student first and last name;

Award Qualification level and name;

Be advised however that if you require a manual search of Axiom College register of awards that provides more than the standard information (e.g. if you require information on a student specialisation or results) you will be required to: Demonstrate the consent of the awardee; and Pay an administration fee.